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Friend Bob Jensen has described this valentine as pretty bad.  My special someone won’t even thank me for it.  If you can come up with a better accountant’s valentine, please post it as a comment.  — profalbrecht.

Last year, I wrote, “An Accountant’s Valentine.”  Was it written for how I feel about accounting, or a someone special?  Can’t say.

I wrote another this year.

My love’s not like a red, red rose
That on Valentine’s runs amok
It’s more like a warm, warm breeze
Cuddling my summer ‘ammock.

As fully amortized tables
Eer keeps balance in its place,
The smiles of my true lover
Pulse from heart to face.

Business lacks a proper voice
Until it speaks accounting,
My heart spoke neer a word until
She heard my love’s accounting.

To accountants everywhere, happy Valentine’s Day.

With apologies to Robert Burns (A Red, Red Rose).

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Debits are left,
Credits are right,
When first I looked at you,
Love at first sight.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Balanced ledgers have me
Thinking of you.

Unbalanced accounts
Are near misses.
Perfect, though, are
Your hugs and kisses.

Fraud makes me sad,
You make me glad.

Won’t you be my valentine?

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