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It’s the first weekend in April, and the Augusta National Golf Club us hosting the Masters Golf Tournament.

This years, there is substantial interest in Augusta National membership.  It is a private golf club with an exclusive membership.  It did not admit its first member of African descent until 1990, and it has yet to admit its first woman.  National political leaders such as President Barak Obama, Mitt Romney and Newt Tingerich believe it is time for open its membership.

In this short clip, Augusta National charman Billy Payne is tight lipped in answering media questions about its membership.

I’d like to point out that Augusta National does not admit accountants as members. It is high time.

Accountants are key members of both society and the economy.  Moreover, accountants and their firms wield significant influence in the world of business.  It is time for Augusta National to end its discrimination against accountants.

For further information, visit the web site for Accountants Love Augusta National Golf Club, at http://accountantswouldlovetojointaugustanational.com.

Debit and credit –  – David Albrecht

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