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David Letterman gathered his core group of New York area accountants for another Top 10 list, “Top 10 Signs Your Accountant is so Dumb.”  The segment aired on Friday, April 13, 2012.  I’ve been posting these clips for years, and in my opinion this is the best yet.

Thanks to Mark Holtzman (Freaking Accountant) for the tip.

Debit and credit –  – David Albrecht

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David Letterman has produced a Top 10 list nightly for years.  Every year, around tax time, there’s one devoted to federal income taxes and the Internal Revenue Service.  This year’s tax list aired on Thursday, April 14, 2011.  I like it, because area accountants were brought in to read each item. There are several repeat accountants from the last two years.  Richard Cohen (“Women want me, men want to be me.”), who usually bats clean up, was noticeably absent.  Doug Cohen did a great job filling in as his replacement.  [Thanks to Kay Bell of Don’t Mess With Taxes for the tip.]

My all time favorites is “Women want me …” from 2009:

There have been other taxing Top 10 lists over the years.  From several years ago, here’s “1040, Good Buddy.”

And just for the record, here’s 2010:

Keep up the good work, Dave.

Have a happy April 18th!

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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womenwantme“Women want me, men want to be me,” says Richard Cohen, NYC area accountant on the David Letterman show from April 15, 2009.  This episode, a recent addition to the ever popular Top 10 List , is funny and accurate in its portrayal of American tax accountants on the U.S. Tax Day.

Watch it and weep!

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being An Accountant

David Letterman Show on April 15, 2009

Accountants don’t kill to get on Letterman, but they will try strange things.  Why?  Letterman specializes in strange and unusual.  One need to no further than another popular Letterman skit–Stupid Human Tricks.  [For those who are really into stupid humans, you must check this out.]

Clark Nuber, a Bellevue, Washington CPA firm, dearly wishes to appear on Letterman on April 15.  Will they get there?  Probably not since it is now three years and counting.  Here is their video request from February, 2007.  Clark Nuber, here’s looking at you, kids.

Pick Us, Dave

Clark Nuber video to David Letterman, February 6, 2007

Clark Nuber, I’ll tune in Letterman on April 15, 2010, hoping to see you.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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