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Miscellany — interesting items that caught my eye during the week.

Little girl (age 9) from Scotland starts blog, NeverSeconds. It goes viral!

Gotta read, “Little Girl’s Lunch Review Blog Persuades Her School to Serve Healthier Meals.”

If blogs can be written by a 9-years-old girl and can evoke change, then why is it difficult for so many professors and accountants to get started?

Wow!  I picked a winner.  From BusinessInsider, “Google Chrome Just Passed Internet Explorer To Become The World’s Most Popular Web Browser.”

Google Chrome has been my browser of choice for the past 12-18 months.  Prior to that it was Firefox.  Prior to that, I don’t remember.  Oh, I sometimes use Opera.

No surprise here.  From Forbes, “IBM Study: If You Don’t Have a Social CEO, You’re Going to be Less Competitive.”

I’m sure the same characteristic applies both to CPA firms and individually to accounting and finance professionals.  Hint:  a firm hiring an outsider to do all social media activity is not the same as having a social CEO.

Unbelievable!  So says Francine McKenna.  So say I. From Bloomberg, “SEC Staff Ends Probe of Lehman Without Finding Fraud.”

The final item in this week’s list comes from Caleb Newquist of Going Concern. Caleb’s blog is so well done, he was named to Accounting Today‘s list of most influential people in accounting.  In his story, “The Dixon, Illinois Fraud Is the Latest Example of Why Reasonable Assurance Is Bullshit,” Newquist is highly critical of today’s audit:

See? Audits can be great and fraud can still happen! And we wouldn’t be shocked! OR audits can suck and fraud can still happen! And we wouldn’t be shocked! There’s really nothing you can do. The good professor knows, as all auditors, that most people out there don’t have any idea of what an audit really is. Fine, an expectations gap. It’s a crock, but again, there’s really not much you can do about it. You an try to explain to your cousin in Dixon why it’s not the auditor’s job to detect frauds like this and (s)he would look at you, confused, and say, “Then what good is it?” AHA!

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Adrienne Gonzalez is JDA, and she writes the blog Jr Deputy Accountant.  She also writes for Going Concern. Every year she becomes less and less junior, she is no deputy, and has never been an accountant.  Never-the-less, she has quite a following in the accounting world.

Like a lot of accountants these days, she drinks, smokes, cusses and has tats.  It all adds to her appeal.  I love her.

Did you read her most recent blog post?  “Defunct Colonial Bank Sues The Sh*t Out of Its Former Auditors, Including PwC.”


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Planking between two camels

Plank (verb) – to lay face down, appearing stiff as a board, on floor or suspended between two objects (such as camels).  Conjugation:  I plank, I planked, I am planking.  You plank.  You ‘da plank!

Writing a post about planking is nearly as ridiculous as getting caught in the act.

Two of my favorite writers, Caleb Newquist and Adrienne Gonzalez, have created the must read Going Concern.  I love them because they have it:  impeccable taste in silliness, although sometimes they are serious.  Last year Caleb was serious enough to be identified as on the wrong side of the bubble for Accounting Today’s list of Top 100 professionals in the American world of accounting.

Yesterday, Caleb posed the silly question, “Are Accountants Planking at Work?”  Apparently not, as no one has sent in a photo of any such planking.  In hopes that someone might, Caleb proposed the following point scale:


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Steve Beguhn, a Senior Associate in the Milwaukee office of PwC, had a successful audition and has earned a gig on American Idol.

No, it isn’t to count and certify the votes.


Steve Beguhn, PwC Auditor out of Milwaukee office

Beguhn does not sing professionally.  Nor does he perform as an amateur for small audiences.  When asked why he doesn’t perform, he says, “”I’m an auditor — so I really don’t have all that many friends.”  He does now.  Steve, you’re now the singing hope of the accounting world.

Click on the following link for the video story.

Good luck.

Thanks to Caleb Newquist at Going Concern for initially posting this story.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Influential accounting news and commentary blog, Going Concern, is airing a series of interviews with key figures in the IFRS debate.  The second installment of the series, published April 1, 2010, features me.  Click on, “Professor David Albrecht: IFRS Will Make Financial Statement Comparison an Impossibility,” to read the interview.

Many thanks to the team at Going Concern (Caleb Newquist, managing editor) for thinking of me, and to ace reporter Adrienne Gonzalez (aka Junior Deputy Accountant) for the fine write-up.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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