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Social Media Strategies for Professionals and Their Firms, by Michelle Golden, is an excellent book to study from if you are thinking about doing more with social media.  And why should you do more with social media?  You will enhance your productivity, your career, and your life!  All professors, professional accountants, finance professionals and business students should do more with social media from a professional perspective.

I’ve had the book for three months now, and have settled into using it as a reference.  It’s so useful, I have one copy for my home office, and one for my university office.  It is a great book, and should I ever get a chance to teach a course in Social Media Marketing (e-mail if you want me to teach such a course at your school), this will be one of the assigned books.

Michelle Golden is the marketing guru to accounting and law firms.  You might be a reader of her Golden Practices Blog. Make every effort to hear her speak in person.

I’m bringing reviews of her book to you through the voices of other readers.

The first is by Professor Gary Schirr (Radford University, Virginia).  Schirr blogs at Service Co-Creation.  His review comes via video:

The other reviews are customer reviews at Amazon (here).  They are uniformly positive.

Please buy her book and read it!

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

P.S.  Another good review is here.

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