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Just read an interesting piece at the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Aging Professors Create a Faculty Bottleneck,” by Audrey Williams June.   It is combined with two other stories, “Exploding the Myth of the Aging, Unproductive Professor,” by Josh Fischman, and “In Search of a Professor’s Legacy,” and David D. Perlmutter, to provide a healthy portion of food for thought.  A subscription is required to read these articles. Reasonably priced day passes are available.

I’m a baby boomer, and some of my readers are also.

Are we unproductive paper weights or still pulling our weight (gets more difficult as pounds accumulate)?  Can we still lead the way, or are we in the way?

Professors are not constrained by a mandatory retirement age.  But then, neither is an accounting professional who has become an independent consultant.

I feel fortunate to be at my stage in life–alive.  Growing and flowering, not withering.   I’m invigorated by the challenge of teaching new students.  And, writing for the profession has given new meaning to my professional existence.

Lurking in the shadows is my need to work.  Like many accounting professors, I didn’t get started until my late 30s.  My savings aren’t where they need to be to provide a desirable retirement lifestyle.  Professors who share my circumstances often joke about dying in the saddle.

There are no words of wisdom from me.  If you have thoughts on the issue, please comment below.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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