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Mark Holtzman, Chair of the accounting department at Seton Hall University, is one of the few accounting professors who really gets it.  Not only is he a really nice guy who is passionate about accounting, he’s a member of the really small club of social media enabled business professors.  He blogs regularly at Freaking CPA.


Pic credit – Mark P Holtzman at Freaking CPA

Holtzman is sold on the idea of using infographics.  He wrote about it in April, 2012, “Accounting and Infographics.”  In the image at right, he shows the complete disconnect between accounting and infographics.

Infographics are fairly easy to create.  They are created in PowerPoint, and what accountant isn’t functional in PowerPoint?

Today, Holtzman posts the following infographic on his blog.  Created by Bisk CPA Review, this infographic discloses that accounting graduates can earn a nearly 50% increase in salary by becoming a CPA.  Bisk CPA Review helps students prepare for taking the CPA exam.

Pic credit – Bisk CPA Review

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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I’m an accountant.  I prefer numbers over people.  I look at my own shoes while walking and talking.  When talking with HR specialist Julie Brown, I had not a clue about what is meant by, “The human side of accounting.”  And, hey, I’m social.

Well, maybe not, after using pronoun numero uno five times during the preceding paragraph.

But accountants are social, correct?  Tom Hood and Bill Sheridan keep writing about the need for Maryland CPAs to get more social.  Michelle Golden has directed her career toward helping CPAs and firms to become more social.

Apparently not.  A recent infographic by Brian Leman of Hinge Marketing compares a few social media usage statistics:

The long and the short of it is that architects not only use more social media, they think it’s more important.

Accountants, rate more highly the effectiveness of LinkedIn.  This makes sense, as LinkedIn is the most data oriented social media platform.

What is this infatuation with infographics, anyway?  The accountant’s aptitude test has two items on it:

  1. Do you prefer numbers over words? [Correct answer = numbers]
  2. Do you prefer words over graphic images? [Correct answer = words, but it’s close]

Debit and credit –  – David Albrecht

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