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It’s Saturday night.  I’m in a somber mood.   GAAP is dying, and there seems nothing better than to get punch drunk and remember all the good times.   So I have broken out a bag of Sun Chips (original flavor) and a can of Diet Coke (caffeinated, of course) and am ready to blog all my troubles away.

Tonight’s subject is limericks.  One does not need a reason to launch into a merry recitation of favorite limericks.  When drinking Diet Cokes and eating Sun chips, one is beyond all reason.

A limerick is a humorous poem that is only sometimes funny.  How fitting!  I’m a sometimes funny accountant.

It is sometimes said that the only good limerick is a dirty limerick.  Who can forget, “There once was a girl from Nantucket,” or “There once was a friar named Tuck.”   Because The Summa is G-rated, there won’t be any good limericks tonight.  But there will be limericks.  I hope you find them humorous.


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