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One of the courses I teach is Intermediate Accounting 2.  This semester’s paper assignment is to take a position on whether the U.S. should adopt IFRS (or some form of global accounting standards) or retain its unique GAAP.   To improve the quality of papers I receive, I instituted a system of peer review, requiring each paper to go though one round of double non-blind review.  The end result was 28 pretty good papers (21 for GAAP, 7 for IFRS or global accounting standards).  I’ll be posting the three best.  This paper is by Peter Zender, a junior in accounting.

GAAP VS IFRS: Protecting Investors

by Peter Zender

It is seventy-one degrees in Scottsdale, Arizona. Perfect weather for a round of eighteen holes (golf cart used of course), an early dinner (early bird special!), and then finish off the day with a relaxing evening sitting on the patio, cold beer in hand, feet up (we’ll skip the shuffle board to avoid stereotypes). Or, I could wake up in my kid’s basement, head for an eight hour shift at the local Wal-Mart, come home to an evening of the hectic rushing most American families face, all while enjoying the freezing cold temperatures of Minnesota. Which one do I want for my retirement? Let me think…I’m going to go with Option A. Currently standing between myself and the desired dream retirement is roughly fifty years of work to make some hard earned money and then using my hard earned cash to fund thoughtful, solid investment growth. And the key to making the right investments is correct and truthful business information, including financial statements. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) currently provides investors with a reasonably acceptable amount of faith to make their investments and my belief is that a switch to International Financial Reporting Standards would only hamper that faith.


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