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Less than three months ago I started a free trial subscription to Netflix.  Since then I have continued paying a minimal monthly fee ($7.99) to continue the service.

Netflix streams video (TV shows and movies) to subscribers like myself.  There are hardly any new releases, yet there are many films that missed my notice when they first appeared as video rentals months or years ago.  Some of these are most definitely putrid.  But a few are both interesting and entertaining.

One such tiny little gem is a low budget (est. $60,000, IMDB) independent comedy film titled, Memron.  In style, it reminds me of The Office.   It is sarcastic, cynical, mocking, and unpredictable.  It is also funny in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

Memron takes aim at Enron with its crooked executives and clueless employees.  At the start of the film, a text announcement mentions the 60,000 employees who have lost their jobs.  Memron, surviving in name only, sponsors “Where is my parachute,” career seminars to help former employees who are now unemployed and destitute.  After hearing a suggestion that they should start a business, a small group dreams up AirFlow, a company that sells fresh natural air.  The air is captured in plastic garbage bags at a local park, resulting in one arrest for theft of a natural resource.

The new Memron CEO (who was ordered by the ex-CEO  to spy on the group) steals the idea.  Airflow then makes millions for Memron.  At film’s end, company stock has rebounded making former executives filthy rich.

Actor Michael McShane portrays ex-con, ex-CEO and perpetual fraudster Ken Clay.  It is McShane’s film and he does a fine job in the lead role.  He isn’t memorable for any prior role, but he really nails this part.  Nor are any of the other actors recognizable except for Claire Forlani (who appears in a small role) and Tim Bagley.

This film is worth a view.  You will find it at Amazon and on Netflix.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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