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On Friday, September 7, Accounting Today released its list of Top 100 Most Influential People in accounting.  All honorees have risen to a level of leadership and responsibility and all wield some sort of influence.

An accounting influencer is a thought leader who communicates those thoughts through a communication channel or from a forum.  In the 21st century, blogging has become the medium of choice for those with influence.

Of the Top 100 most influential people, 26 express themselves via a blog!  Imagine that.  I have queried groups of students, accounting professionals and professors before about blogging.  In no group has more than 1-2% indicated they are bloggers.  Yet, the blogging rate is much higher for those who are influential.  There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Four of the 26 were named to the Top 100 for their blogging activites.  They are:

Bloggers & media

In the following group, three of the 22 only share their thoughts on internal-only blogs.  All supposedly write their own articles on a blog:

Debit and credit – -David Albrecht

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Pic credit – Accounting Today

On Friday, September 7, Accounting Today released its list of “Top 100 Most Influential People” in accounting.  All honorees have risen to a level of leadership and responsibility and all wield some sort of influence.

The editors of Accounting Today describe the list as a work in process.  As the profession changes, whether due to societal, technological or other factors, they claim the list evolves to capture the contemporary stage of the profession.

As technology grows more important in accounting, we include new IT experts; as new regulatory bodies are formed, we add new regulators; as more Millennials and Gen Ys rise to positions of importance, more of them will appear among the Top 100; as the profession explores more new specialities, we’ll add experts from those fields; and as more women and minorities (hopefully) join the profession, we’ll add more women and minorities.

By my count, 75% of the list is male and 95% is Caucasian.  Although the editors mention change, in broad composition the list is similar to last year when it contained auditors, regulators, vendors, etc.  Change has taken place at the individual level, though.  When some previous members retired, they were replaced on the list by their successors.


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On September 13, 2011, the Accounting Today released its 2011 list of “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.”  Professor David Albrecht (me) made the list.

Thank you very much, AT, for awarding me this tremendous honor.

I made the list mostly for blogging on The Summa, and partly for innovative teaching.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Inside Public Accounting has released its list of the largest U.S. auditing & accounting firms.  Inside Public Accounting has been compiling this list since 1991.  Before that, the Top 100 list was compiled by Public Accounting Report.  The list is available online here.

I have excerpted the top 25 firms from the list.  Following each firm’s name is its net revenues.  Net revenue is not defined.

  1. Deloitte LLP & Subsidiaries $10,938,000,000
  2. PwC LLP $8,034,000,000
  3. Ernst & Young LLP $7,100,000,000
  4. KPMG LLP $4,889,000,000
  5. RSM McGladrey Inc. and McGladrey & Pullen LLP $1,370,424,000
  6. Grant Thornton LLP $1,085,696,000
  7. CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann PC $590,600,000
  8. BDO USA LLP $572,000,000
  9. Crowe Horwath LLP $498,379,000
  10. BKD LLP $390,684,000
  11. Moss Adams LLP $316,000,000
  12. Plante & Moran PLLC $304,000,000
  13. Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP $284,480,000
  14. Clifton Gunderson LLP $254,652,060
  15. EisnerAmper LLP $254,629,000
  16. Marcum LLP $250,800,353
  17. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP $242,000,000
  18. J.H. Cohn LLP $235,568,000
  19. LarsonAllen LLP $227,002,000
  20. Reznick Group PC $202,500,000
  21. UHY Advisors Inc. $200,200,000
  22. ParenteBeard LLC $163,756,942
  23. Rothstein Kass $163,203,000
  24. Eide Bailly LLP $151,397,012
  25. WeiserMazars LLP $140,000,000

There are several ways to think about this list.

The top seven or eight certainly have worldwide networks, so are physically located to audit multinationals.

AICPA, CAQ, and audit researchers argue that the firms at the top do the best job and provide the highest quality audits.  Naysayers like me argue that the firms at the top of this list have done the best job of selling their opinions.

Firms 9-100 are excellent places to start a career, especially if you value quality of life.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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