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Miscellany — interesting items that caught my eye during the week.

Michelle Golden headlines this week’s gems.  Her recent post, “It’s Time to Stop Talking About ‘Women’s Issues’ in Business,” makes a good and valid point.

Torben Rick posted a link to this story on a SMinOrgs, a LinkedIn group to which I belong.   Although he published it in April, 2011, it is as interesting today as it was back then.  “3 Types of Twitter Failure and Disasters.

SMinOrgs (Social Media in Organizations) has several boards at Pinterest, one of which is devoted to social media infographics.  It has now pinned 100 of these to its board.  It’s kind of fun to look through these.

Although SMinOrgs (Social Media in Organizations) has a web site and blog, it chose to publish “Managing Employer Risks in the Digital Era: 4 Recent Stories” on its Tumblr site.  Very interesting choice of location.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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