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Pic credit - CUNY Baruch

Pic credit – CUNY Baruch

Legendary accounting professor Abe Briloff has passed away.  In my time in the profession, Abe is in a small group of two accountants whom I admire and respect the most.

For more on this, please read this CUNY-Baruch obituary.  No other news items are yet available.

I’ll write more later.

David Albrecht

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[From somewhere near an Amazon distribution center]  Jeff Bezos was interviewed last night (December 2, 2013) on legendary 60 Minutes at CBS by Charlie Rose.  I didn’t view it then as I don’t watch television (way too busy).  But someone sent me the link.  Gotta love social media and other digital era technologies.

I am a fan of Amazon, and have ordered hundreds of books over the past 10-12 years.  I have an Amazon branded bank card, the use of which which earns me an allowance for free books and other merchandise.  One of my next purchases is Amazon Prime.

Two weeks ago I searched for books using the term, “people skills.”  I didn’t see anything that appeared sufficiently relevant to tickle my fancy.  A week later I received an e-mail with eight suggestions.  I will order six of these books.

Amazon does a lot of thing very well.  Being a modern, cutting-edge, innovative 21st century company heads the list.

Amazon has 225 million customers.  One of its goals is to sell everything to everybody.  It puts the customer first, so far as I can see.

I’m presenting two clips today.  Each one is mandatory viewing for students of business.  In the first, Bezos provides a glimpse of behind the scenes operations.  The key to Amazon success is being able to deliver products quickly to customers.  Pay $89 per year for Amazon Prime, and get anything in stock delivered the next day. There are 90 distribution centers located in or close to the country’s major urban areas.  State of the art warehousing and packaging enables orders to be almost immediately out the door.

During the 60 Minutes feature, Bezos discussed same day delivery for grocery items in Seattle and Los Angeles.  In addition, Bezos’s company is experimenting with shipment by aerial drones!

In the second clip, Bezos reveals the capital raising process back in 1995.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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