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Ever had a “Wish I had thought of that” moment?

Scott Bonacker, CPA, recently had one.  Sharing on the AECM listserv, he alerted us to a website that is selling e-mail boxes.


He suggested two hypothetical e-mail addresses that would make a statement (Warning: not real e-mail addresses):

  • bad_accountants@dontlike.us
  • vague_questions@dontlike.us

Wishing I had thought of this first, but recognizing a good idea anyway, I generated my own list of hypothetical accounting e-mail addresses (Warning: not real e-mail addresses):

  • vuvuzela_blowing_accountants@you.dontlike.us
  • big4_accounting_firms@you.dontlike.us
  • ponzi_schemes@you.dontlike.us
  • repo_105_accounting@you.dontlike.us
  • IRSagents@you.dontlike.us
  • fairvalue_accounting@you.dontlike.us
  • BPexcuses@you.dontlike.us
  • deathbypowerpoint@you.dontlike.us
  • accountics_researchers@you.dontlike.us
  • taxcollectors@you.dontlike.us
  • TonyHaywardsLifestyle@you.dontlike.us
  • flamboyant_accountants@you.dontlike.us
  • capital_lease_accounting@you.dontlike.us
  • operating_leases@you.dontlike.us
  • IFRS@you.dontlike.us
  • busyseason@you.dontlike.us

Some hypothetical e-mail addresses for college (Warning: not real e-mail addresses):

  • boring_accounting_professors@you.dontlike.us
  • lazy_students@you.dontlike.us
  • texting_in_class@you.dontlike.us
  • badgrades@you.dontlike.us
  • powerpoint_lectures@you.dontlike.us

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Harold Avercamp is the author of AccountingCoach.com, a fairly traditional web site devoted to teaching accounting.  He has launched a new web site containing crossword puzzles with accounting themes: AccountingCrosswords.com.


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