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Bumper stickers–gotta love em.  Combining wit, humor and sarcasm, they present truth in style.  Remember these all time favorites?

Love Thy Neighbor

Like A Roll of Toilet Paper

Here are some ideas for accounting bumper stickers:

  • Cure insomnia . . . sleep with an accountant
  • It’s accrual world
  • CPA:  I might be certified, but I’m not crazy.
  • I’m not a liability, just look at my assets
  • I love accounting
  • It took an accountant to catch Al Capone.
    Be an accountant with conviction
  • I’m one cute tax deduction
  • Chicks dig accountants
  • Not without my ledger
  • A good accountant is a debit to the profession
  • No, in the red is not a good thing
  • Warning! I have a calculator and know how to use it
  • Are you crying?
    There’s no crying!
    There’s no crying in accounting!
  • Balance this!
  • Audit this!
  • I’m an accountant! Don’t attempt this at home.
  • Not just another pretty deduction
  • Mild mannered CPA by day, sexy dude by night
  • Save a horse, ride an accountant
  • Honest accountant–Numbers don’t lie, people do
  • I’m a 10-key assassin
  • Wear a necktie and release your inner accountant
  • Do not make me use my accountant voice
  • Instant accountant . . . just add coffee
  • Filing single, looking to file jointly
  • Accountants rock
  • Have you hugged an accountant today?
  • Warning:   accountant with an attitude
  • Don’t make me count before my first cup of coffee
  • You mess with accounting, you mess with me
  • I’m an accountant.  I’m really that boring
  • I am the accountant your mom warned you about
  • GAAP clothes
  • Debits go on the window side
  • My spouse is so accrual, he/she doesn’t depreciate me any more.

Care to suggest some others?

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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