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AECM (Accounting Education Using Computers and Multimedia) is the listserv for accounting professors.  Membership fluctuates between 600-1,000.

Over the years, the e-mail discussions have been carried out between Bob Jensen, David Fordham, Paul Williams, Jagdish Gangolly, Amy Dunbar, Ed Scribner, Richard Campbell, myself and several others (my apologies for not mentioning any that want to be recognized).

How do these discussions get started?  It’s just like in any group.  Usually there’s a leader, who in this case is Bob Jensen (emeritus professor from Trinity University).  He’s always finding interesting articles out on the web (he’s a prolific surfer).  He’ll bring them to our attention, sometimes with his own comment.  Then, if the article strikes someone’s fancy, they’ll respond and pretty soon there’s a pretty good exchange going.  Discussions can get started in other ways, but not usually.

In recent years, Bob has been picking up on the commentary provided by bloggers.  Bob has passed along links to many posts written by some of the AECM members.

Bill McCarthy (Michigan State AIS guru) got the idea that a blogger panel discussion at the American Accounting Association annual meeting would be a good idea.  Five of us–Tom Selling, Ed Ketz, Francine McKenna, Joe Hoyle and myself–quickly jumped on board.  At the last minute, I’ve had to drop off due to a scheduling conflict.  It has been eating at me for weeks that I won’t be there on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 in San Francisco.

Here’s a preview of these bloggers and what they mean to AECM.


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I went out searching for pictures of an accountant’s office.  The only pictures I found were of clean desktops.  Please send me a photo of your office or desk for a story I’m writing.  I am looking for offices or desks of practicing accountants, accounting professors (at home or work) and accounting students.

Take a picture with you camera, your cell phone, or get someone else to do it.  Send them to me at albrecht@profalbrecht.com

To inspire you, here is a picture of me hard at work at my home office (yes, I do all my work on the couch).

Prof Albrecht hard at work on his couch (IOW, his office). Protected by guard yorkie.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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Is accounting boring?  Are college classes in accounting boring?

Went over to Youtube to find the answer.  Here’s what I found:


People always say that accounting has lots of math.  Perhaps if accounting classes were more like math classes.  Here’s a math class that doesn’t seem so boring:

The one thing you should never do is pull a prank on a professor.

Debit and credit – – David Albrecht

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